Laura Graye

How To Quickly Excavate Your Unconscious Motives:
The Speed Dial to Finding Your Unconscious Motivation

Our unconscious makes up the foundation of somewhere around 95 percent of our decisions; what we say, what we believe, who we date and/or marry, where we work, who our friends are, how we spend our money, even what we eat.

It appears at surface glance we have more control than this. It appears this way partially because there is never only one reason we do, say, spend, or eat anything. You can stop at the short answer, never dig deeper and “that’s all there is”.

That is not all there is to our motives.

You can go through life staying on the surface…”I married Dave because he was funny and I loved him.” or you can follow that up with a deeper dive into your unconscious…”I married Dave because he neglected similar parts of me which my mother and father neglected and I was unconsciously attracted to this pattern of lack of self-worth and needed to work that out to learn and evolve.” Both statements are true.

If you are of the world-view that we are all just here, sitting around enjoying (or suffering) through life, stick with the superficial view. But, if you are here knowing you have a personal evolution which is in service to a greater human evolution which is in service to an even greater Universe evolution, then you’ll want to understand the deeper meaning of why you do what you do.

Discovering your unconscious is not difficult. It doesn’t need to take hours of processing. In fact, lengthy processing may sometimes give way to your ego winding its way back in. Fast excavation into your unconscious can be the most powerful way to arrive at the deeper truth. Here’s how:

1. The best identifier for something hidden in your unconscious is a strong emotional reaction. These are typically negative emotional reactions, but they can be inflated positive emotions too.

2. The instant you have the emotional reaction, immediately ask yourself very quickly, “Why did I feel that or say that?”

3. Listen to what your mind says immediately. Don’t balk at what comes up. No matter what it is.

4. Quickly, instantaneously, thank yourself for providing that answer and immediately, within a second, ask yourself again, “Why did I feel that or say that?”

5. Listen immediately. Don’t question any word or thought. This is the next layer.

6. Again, quickly and instantaneously thank yourself for providing the next layer and immediately ask yourself again, “Why did I say that or feel that.”

7. Listen to what your mind says immediately with absolutely no judgment.

8. Instantly, thank yourself for providing the next layer deeper in your unconscious.

9. Continue this process, sometimes as many as 17 layers deep, until you can feel the bottom. Typically you’ll be able to note a difference in your emotional wellbeing; either releasing a deep cry or a landing in a deep calm.

10. And then thank yourself and all the other humans here doing their part in service to human evolution!