Hopefully, the answers to these Frequently Asked Questions will help you understand more as to how I work and what happens during our sessions. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact me here.

What is a Medical Intuitive?
A Medical Intutive is someone who has an innate sense of vibrational stagnation in the physical body that is causing a lack of wellbeing or illness. A good Medical Intuitive can, and should, link these physical issues to a mental, emotional, and/or spiritual circumstance. This is a practitioner who is trained to use their intuitive or extrasensory abilities to assess a person’s health and well-being. Unlike conventional healthcare providers who rely on medical tests and diagnostics, medical intuitives rely on their heightened intuition to identify underlying physical, emotional, or energetic imbalances in the body. They may use techniques such as aura reading, energy scanning, or intuitive insights to uncover potential physical or mental health issues or imbalances and  recommend more holistic remedies.
What is a Metaphysician?
A Metaphysician is a doctor (MD, DO, ND, or Ph.D) who studies the correlative effects of metaphysical energy. The guiding principle of metaphysics is the study of vibrational energy in the universe (as we know it) and how it affects humans individually and collectively. A metaphysician delves into the profound realm of metaphysics, a branch of philosophy that explores fundamental questions about the nature of reality, existence, and the cosmos. Metaphysicians ponder abstract concepts like the nature of being, the relationship between mind and matter, and the existence of universal truths. They engage in profound contemplation, seeking to decipher the fundamental principles that underlie the physical world and our perception of it.
How do these two professions combine?

To bring you the best of both worlds, I bridge together the two professions of Medical Intuition and Metaphysician.

Through being able to intuitively pick up principles of metaphysics and the universal law of vibrational energy these worlds integrate seamlessly.

What happens before our session?
Prior to our session I run a medical intuitive scan on your field to see if there are any energetic flags highlighting issues we should address. You don’t have to prepare or do anything before we start. I am trained to scan the following areas:
Chemical imbalance, lymphatic system, skeletal system, energetic imbalance, nutritional deficiency, mitochondrial conditions, muscular system, relationship dynamics, sensory organs, metabolics, element imbalances, excretory system, bacterial overgrowth, reproductive system, cellular dysfunction, glandular activity, organ dysfunction, respiratory system, urinary system, endocrine system, central nervous system, viruses, pathogens, neurological imbalances, microbiome imbalance, chakra imbalance, meridian system imbalance. 
What will happen during our session?
1. At the beginning of our session, I scan your field to find the energetic priority of the moment. This can be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or relational. I am trained to scan for the following: 
Chemical epigenetic effects, emotional epigenetic effects, genomic effects, ancestral DNA patterns, astrological patterns, energetic disempowerment (leaking or loss of power), archetype dynamics, miasms, relationship dynamics (internal and external), childhood patterning, family dysfunction, soul integration issues, intuitive blockages, intuitive injuries. 
2. While I am locating any blocks and stagnations, similar to how a good chiropractor will do soft-tissue work before they adjust you, I am energetically massaging your neural wiring and fascial tissue to soften the area of mental/emotional/spiritual stagnation and/or blockage. This helps to create an easier “Aha” moment where you are brought to a more aligned sense of yourself. This remote healing is the energetic secret-sauce that makes the work with me so impactful and successful. My remote healing background includes the following energetic training:
Full-Spectrum Chakra Healer, Master Reiki Healer, Medigraytion Consciousness Healer, and Chinese Meridian Healer (uncertified). 
3. Often it is the case that at the beginning of our work together, there is more talking on my end as I express what I am feeling intuitively. However, the goal is to hand the reigns over to you for you to be able to be your own intuitive powerhouse, your own north star. Then I confirm, clarify and help you continue to connect to your wisdom. You’ll likely feel a slow organic shift in our conversation cadence as you become more self-reliant. To do this, we use certain products as “consciousness training wheels” that help you gain clarity and insight into your own unconscious. Some of these products are: 
Yantras, Mantras, Tapping, Medigraytion, Tarot, iChing, Oracle Cards, Pendulums, Li Meditation. Runes, Animal Totems, etc.  
What happens after our session?
Hone-work, the effort you make outside of our sessions to more consciously connect with yourself, is an essential part of our healing work together. There are several tools I use as hone-work. Below are some of the exercises and experiential work you’ll do outside of our session time (this is not an extensive list): 
Medigraytions; I have an extensive library of pioneering condition-based meditations. Free Downloadable tools I host here on the site like: Tapping points, The Why Until Your Cry, the Knowing Box. My ground breaking Self Manifested Reality (SMR) tool. We may also work with Intention Setting, Journaling, Astrology Study, Mantras, Yantra,, Mandalas, Listing, Vision Journaling, Vision Drawing, Earthing and your energetic branding. 
Should I bring my astrology chart?
I prefer not having your astrology chart before the very first session as I want to focus on tuning in intuitively. After that however, if you like, I can use your astrology chart to see where the moon is activating your nervous/fascial system and where any major aspects are occurring that could use more intentional focus. This is like a weather report giving you the opportunity to succeed through astrological flow. If you are a family I see, I run the same medical intuitive scan on your spouse and children. If I have their charts, I’ll take a quick peek at those as well.
How do you navigate between being an intuitive and a scholar?
Navigating the precarious balance to keep my flowing intuitive mind separate from my fixed knowledgeable mind has been much of my own personal journey. For the past 30 years, I have created 2-year intuitive course modules for myself to expand and bridge the work I do as a medical intuitive (“intuitive mind”) and metaphysician (“knowledgeable mind”). These modules are somewhat akin to CEUs that medical practitioners must complete. A good example of a module I’ve created is: The Vibrational Information of the Periodic Table of Elements. Just as it sounds, I spent two years studying the vibrational intelligence of elements (hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, etc)  For my profession, it is not beneficial for me to over-learn the hard facts of oxygen, lead, mercury, iron, etc. It is more beneficial to spend time learning the vibrational energy of the elements and how they feel so that I can assess mercury toxicity, iron deficiencies, etc. The vibrational coursework I designed and studied are the following:

The Vibrational Intelligence of the Periodic Table of Elements, Vibrational Nutrition, Microbiome and Neurology, Reflexology, Astrology and the Nervous System, Power Dynamics, Meridians, Chinese Medicine, The Energetics of Codependence and Narcissism, Understanding the Energetics of Communication, The Vibration of Cryptocurrency, The Psychology of Creative Blocks, Addiction: Neurochemistry and Psychology, Building Your Brand from an Energetic and Archetypical Perspective, Metaphysics, Balancing Relationships, Self Manifested Reality (SMR),  and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), The Psychology of Loss of Self and Internal Integrity.
What are your credentials?

I hold a B.A. from Baylor University. A Masters of Science in Veterinary Medicine from Tufts University. A Doctorate in Natural Medicine from the Quantum University. And a Ph.D. in Natural Medicine and Consciousness also from the Quantum University. In addition to that, I received a 3-year Energy Medicine Certification from the RTIEM School.

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How do you intuitively practice on animals?

My veterinary training and medical intuition bridges the communication gap we might have between human and pet and helps you understand your pet’s unique needs, as well as how to keep them healthy, happy, and thriving for years to come. My intuitive therapy with animals provide them with a loving translation of their physical and emotional needs.