Tap into a greater power as an intuitive healer

Medical Intuitive Certification with Dr. Laura Graye.

Tap into a greater power as an intuitive healer

Medical Intuitive Certification with Dr. Laura Graye.

Get back to your roots as a healer! This course illustrates precisely what intuition is and how it actually works. Using a blend of quantum theory, Consciousness, and innovative mind-exercises, Dr. Laura Graye shows you how to access, interpret and strengthen your unique intuitive language.

You will gain a deeper attunement and resonance with yourself, those around you and, if you are a practitioner, with your patients.

The next Medical Intuitive Certification Course will be open for enrollment in Spring 2025.

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“Understanding and developing your intuition allows you to live a mission and purpose based life; aligned and guided by what exists beyond the physical world.”

Who is this for?


  • Anyone interested in training to become a Medical Intuitive.
  • Anyone interested in understanding their own intuitive nature at a deeper level.
  • Medical Professionals (MD, ND, DO, DC, L.Ac.).
  • Health Practitioners (dietitians, homeopaths, massage therapists, biofield therapists, etc.).
  • Mental Health Practitioners.


Frustrated man and woman

Course plan

For the duration of the course we will touch upon the following topics:

The Science of Intuition
Consciousness and Intuitition
Mapping vs. Cartography
Energy fields and intuition
Strengthening intuitive gifts
Medical/physical intuition
Identifying your intuitive strength
Fascia: The super highway of intuition
Merging/Clearing Intuitive Fields

Try a sample of the intuitive exercises that are used during the class here.


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How would this course benefit both my personal and professional life?

The depth of what you can achieve through your intuitive power is without limits. The intuitive clarity and skills you’ll acquire in this course will help you:


  • Understand what intuition is and how it works.
  • Understand how to train energy and manifest optimal health.
  • Elevate your consciousness.
  • Attune and resonate more deeply with yourself and your mission.
  • Attune and resonate more effectively with your patients/clients.
  • Provide more accurate diagnoses for your patients.
  • Empower yourself and others to heal at the root-cause.

What does the course include?

  • Saturday Class once a month for 6 months
  • 1 year Medigraytion Membership
  • Intuitive Course Book
  • 1:1 30 Minute Call (value of $250)
  • Monthly exams
  • Intuitive hone-work
  • Intuitive (muscle) workouts
  • Community of likeminded medical and health practitioners
  • Course completion certificate

Requirements to graduate

  • Attendance at no less than 5 of the 6 Saturday classes.
  • On time completion of all quizzes.
  • On time completion of all monthly exams.
  • An accumulative final grade of 80% on exams.


About Dr. Laura Graye

Laura’s mission

Dr. Graye devotes herself to helping professional leaders and personal clients recognize the meaningful role metaphysics plays in ALL our lives and how we can tap into consciousness to improve any situation we face.

School Cred

Dr. Graye received a doctorate in natural medicine, a masters of science in veterinary medicine, a certification in energy medicine, and a Ph.D focused on consciousness and quantum medicine.

I call upon Dr. Graye’s intuitive insight in joint sessions with my clients. She never disappoints, and always finds the missing piece in complex cases.
Tamara Luck


Get a flavor of how Laura works

This video is a good example of how Laura’s sessions are presented and the work that she does.

Try an intuitive exercise!

Here’s a sample of the intuitive exercises that are used during the class.

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