Laura Graye

One of the most unique aspects of the power of our mind is that we can expand, shift, alter, and exchange our reality through expanding, shifting, altering and exchanging our unconscious into our conscious minds.

How Does It Work?

Similar to using the photo printed on top of a puzzle box to help recreate the puzzle, your unconscious projects a picture out into your life which you can easily follow; that is your present reality. This reality provides you a pretty precise mirror into your unconscious by using your neural connectivity (photoreceptors, etc) to literally reflect and project what is happening deep in your psyche out into your reality. The people, events, and circumstances in your life are physical manifestations of your individual Truman Show happening inside your unconscious. This is called the Psyche Manifested Reality.

Once you grasp the concept of this reflecting-projecting power, you can begin to shift your reality inside your mind, and in physicality too. It’s a simple, straightforward formula. What you experience happening to you is the hidden experience of what is happening within your unconscious. This is what you are doing to yourself unconsciously. When you get the method down, all you need to do then is systematically bring these parts of your unconscious to consciousness. As these characteristics are transferred into the section of your mind of which you do have some control, you are able to manage and design a new reality.

This is what our unconscious wants- to expand our reality. And, as the astrophysicists have concluded, that is precisely what the Universe is doing, expanding.

FORMULA: Look at your experiences and restate them in the following formatted sentence:

I am experiencing “A”, therefore, somewhere in my unconscious, I am doing “A” to myself.

Here are some prime examples:

If you experience betrayal… are betraying yourself.

If people lie to you… are lying to yourself.

If you are experiencing abuse… are abusive toward yourself.

If you are not empathized with…you do not empathize with yourself.

If you experience being victimized… victimize yourself.

If you are scapegoated……you scapegoat yourself.

If you are excluded… exclude yourself.

If you are ignored… are ignoring yourself.

If you are neglected… are neglecting yourself.

If you are mistreated.….you are mistreating yourself.

If you are disempowered by others… disempower yourself.

If you are rarely listened to… rarely listen to yourself.

If you are not valued… don’t value yourself.

If you are valued, but not for what you want to be valued for…you don’t value yourself for who you truly are.

If you are marginalized….. you marginalize yourself.

If you are villified… villify yourself.

If no one understands you….you don’t understand yourself.

If people don’t see you good intentions..…then you don’t see your good intentions.

If you are unseen…you don’t see yourself.

If people don’t trust you…you don’t trust yourself.

You may use this formula right down to the most minuscule, and the most complicated experiences in your life. And, I cringe to write this….this works just as well on the collective unconscious as it does on an individual unconscious. Please don’t shoot the messenger, but if a collective group is victimized, abused, or marginalized, there is a part of that collective group’s unconscious that victimizes, abuses or marginalizes themselves.

Remember this is unconscious. “Marginalize me, victimize me, abuse me.” said no one consciously, ever. This is just energetic fact of what is being reflected to become more whole. I will go out on a limb as a woman and say that a perfect example is the Collective Female Unconscious. While we are doing our very best to pull ourselves out of sublimated positions, this sublimation has been imprinted in our psyches as part of the female ancestral lineage we carry and must individually and collectively pull out of our unconscious. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t energetically have this reflection mirrored for us.

This awareness alone will begin to shift the real-time energetics of your future experiences. It might be a good idea to search in your history and see who taught you to treat yourself this way-whose voice is that inside your head? Then set the intention to change this behavior.

Be compassionate with yourself.

Energetic Law: Your outer experience will morph and transform as your inner experience morphs and transforms.