Laura Graye

The moment right after I delivered my first son I felt a sudden shift in my consciousness. It was an unbelievably powerful energetic wave which moved through my entire body. It wasn’t a physiological change in my temperature or heart rate, though those changes could easily have accompanied it. I could, without a shadow of doubt, feel the Collective Conscious of Mothers coursing through me. Minutes before I had no idea how I’d feed this newborn, but suddenly, with this new intelligence flowing through me, I knew exactly how to hold him to my breast so he could nurse. I had no inkling as to how to protect this little being when he was in-utero but immediately upon his birth, I was a staunch militant protector as he started to have health flairs. I had hooked up to some wavelength of intelligence in the ether and I could feel that intelligence coursing through me.
This power, this intelligence was so far beyond me as an individual. You can feel this greater-than-the-sum-of-the-part power I am talking about especially in Collectives which have been around for thousands of years; the Collective Consciousness of Women, the Collective Consciousness of Men, the Collective Consciousness of Children, the Collective Consciousness of the Military, etc. And with those Groups of Consciousness come of course, the Collective Unconscious hand in hand. And what blows me away is how these wavelengths of intelligence entrain into our bodies and flow through us.These vibrationally resonant wavelengths swim invisible to the human eye, but not to the human consciousness. Anything which is part of Consciousness…so that is absolutely everything…has a Collective Consciousness it is part of; events, people, animals, plants, etc. There are even Collective Consciousness of Feelings which house the millions of thoughts which funnel into the smaller number of vibrational categories of feelings-for example, the sentences “I can’t do this.” and “I am a victim.” are all part of the Collective Conscious Band of Apathy. To conjure this, imagine seeing all the hues of blue; navy, turquoise, teal, light blue, sky blue. All of these blues vibrate on the color spectrum together and if you were to throw those wavelengths up in the air they would all land in a similar place energetically, being similar in their properties. And that is what happens to humans as well. There properties within us that run through us and act as intelligence informing and forming our mental, emotional and physical being. These wavelengths of intelligence don’t exist just within us, they exist all around us and collect together as soon as our mind makes the effort to conjure the probperties together as a Collective Consciousness. And while this is pretty powerful to understand is happening, it is even more powerful to know that you can move into the quantum field and disconnect your field from certain Collective Consciousness bands which are no longer serving you.
Very few of us, at this point in evolution, will feel the exact moment a virus enters and begins to weave itself into our body-yet there is no denying it is there once you feel it’s effects. As well, very few people may feel the moment a Collective Consciousness cords into our body and begins to weave and entrain into our being. But again, there is no denying it is there once it is a part of your reality. And we pick up “symptoms” of the Collective Conscious in which we are corded; those are nicely called beliefs and values.
I’m not suggesting that certain values aren’t good. They can be. But I do feel there needs to be a greater awareness and understanding as to which Collective Consciousness we are hooked into (we can be hooked into hundreds) and also how to unhook from those Collective Consciousness which no longer serve us. I’d like all those recovering alcoholics to unhook from the Collective Alcoholic Consciousness; I suspect their recovery would be far easier if they didn’t have the powerful cravings of the entire Alcoholic Collective coursing through them. I’d like victims to unhook from the Unconscious Victim Consciousness; thus making it harder for them to be victimized again. I’d like all the people in remission from cancer to energetically unhook from the Collective Cancer Consciousness they were once a part; then they won’t feel the fear of a death that is no longer their reality.