Walk The Talk Therapy (Boston and Nashville):

60 Minute Session: $175

Medical Intuitive Session:

These sessions are typically one-offs with clients stuck physically, mentally or emotionally who need the precise identification of their physical, emotional, mental  or “spiritual” block (s). Often clients have been working with dieticians, doctors, or therapists, but this is not mandatory. If you are struggling on your own and just need momentary medical intuitive guidance, this is the session for you!

15 Minute Phone Consult: $45

30 Minute Zoom Session: $125

45 Minute Zoom Session: $145

60 Minute Zoom Session: $195

Consciousness Therapy:

Laura’s precision as a medical intuitive spans the plane of the unconscious allowing your session to delve deeper and faster into you psyche.  Being able to identify the unconscious patterns which are materializing in your life, Laura brings Consciousness to you front and center. This is tough work and requires a commitment to being open and investigating areas of your life where you may be blocked. This therapy is for the committed power-house who wants change.

30 Minute Zoom Session: $125

60 Minute Zoom Session: $195

90 Minute Zoom Session: $275

Couples Therapy

Initial Consultation: 90 Minutes $250

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