Laura Graye is an intuitive  scientist researching vibrational healing in Boston, MA.

Using her powerful intuitive capabilities, a strong natural-born sense of the quantum human experience, a comprehensive understanding of psychology, and a broad-based knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, Laura supports the healing of her clients at the most profound level.  Her gentle heart and boundless energy guides clients from limiting beliefs and experiences to a healthier and more purposeful life.

Due in part to a rare genetic condition, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Laura is especially equipped to feel, sense and conduct subtle energy. Ever heard the cliches: “I can feel it in my bones.” “She’s thinned skinned.” or “I’ve got a gut feeling.” ?  




These are well-known cliches which support the theory that collagen (a building block of your bone, skin, hair, muscle, fascia, and epithelial tissue) may be our body’s major landing point of subtle energy including our intuition. Interoception and it's messaging to the neural pathways in the brain play part in this predictive ability. Working with doctors and other scientists, Laura is researching her expanded ability to “collapse” subtle vibrational energy into her body structure and bring it to consciousness.

“Greater Consciousness is the full integration of the vibrational energy of our physical, vital, emotional, mental, biochemical energy bodies  simultaneously.  Recognition that each individual moment, regardless of our lack or fulfillment of integration, is our human experience. This is the bedrock of healing.” -LEG

Laura holds a Masters of Science from Tufts Veterinary School,  is a candidate for a Doctorate in Natural Medicine and a Ph.D in Quantum Medicine. She also holds a Certificate in Energy Medicine and a Masters Reiki Certification.